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About the product

The panel pipe is one of the most recent developments in subsurface drainage, the product consists of a perforated plastic core in the form of a panel, wrapped with a geotextile that filters the soil. The performance characteristic that distinguishes panel pipes is their ability to quickly capture and evacuate water.

AdvanEDGE ® is designed to be a pipe, with dimensional stability in all directions, the reinforced closed core has exceptional vertical stiffness, compressive strength and resistance to deformation, which occurs during installation processes.


Drainage for sports fields.
Effective for keeping sports practice fields, schools and cities in good condition.


  • Available in diameters of 300 mm and 450 mm in rolls of 30.5 meters;
  • Resistance to compression and deformation that occurs during the installation process;
  • Joints are made with couplings that are secure enough to withstand installation efforts;
  • Manufactured with a high-density polyethylene resin that meets the structural quality and chemical resistance requirements of ASTM D3350.

Technical informations

AdvanEDGE tubing meets the requirements established by ASTM D 7001.

Its exterior dimensions are 1.5 "(38mm) thick and 12" (300mm) or 18 "(450mm) wide.

Internal reinforcements next to each wall prevent flattening under typical load.

AdvanEDGE can be supplied with or without geotextile.


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